Your Card of the Day Message – 2nd September

Card of the Day today is Contemplation Time

Today’s crystals are Clear Quartz and Rhodonite helping us to see both sides with clarity and impartiality.

What is bugging you today? There are pressing and important issues coming up for review in everybody’s life right now, and this is a good day where we will have the clarity, foresight and wisdom to resolve potential problems before things get out of hand.

Calm is needed more than any other attribute right now to help resolve the issues in our own hearts and in the world at large. Violence, force or arguing will not bring about the changes that are needed, they will only make things worse.

You must handle all problems today with delicatesse, with grace and with dignity, and remember that the opinions, thoughts and feelings of others are just as important and valid as your own.

Each other person that you encounter in this lifetime is a sacred soul, a seed of the divine just like you are, and as such deserves your respect, compassion and recognition. You don’t have to like the person they are choosing to be in this life, but you can respect the dignity of the divine spark inside of them.

Try to see the beautiful soul inside of everyone and remember that we each have our own unique struggles and pain which can often mask our true nature and make us appear mean, unkind or angry.

Walk away from any situations that do not serve you, stay away from toxic energy and carefully extricate yourself from any awkwardness today with diplomacy and tact.

Whilst everyone is a beautiful soul on the inside, it does not mean that you have to suffer with them if they are causing you hurt or pain.

Step away from those who no longer belong in your life. Silently bow to their higher self and send them blessings as you retreat, and know that all will be well soon enough, in divine timing.

3 Wednesday AWH