Your Card of the Day Message – 30th August

Card of the Day today is Angel Athena

Today’s crystals are Goldstone and Red Jasper bringing us the blessings of heaven and inviting us to step into our power.

Today is a day for celebration! Angel Athena is here to knight you and remind you of just how powerful you truly are.

You are a sacred warrior of the soul, and it’s time you stepped up into that power.

Your psychic and healing abilities are making themselves known, and many of you feel drawn to learn more about spirituality, healing, psychic work and helping others through these gifts.

There is no coincidence in this! You are a powerful healer, and your influence can make a huge difference in so many people’s lives.

Get ready for the changes that are coming in our world, for they are coming fast.

Soon you won’t have time to sit back and wonder if you should follow your spiritual path, you may find yourself thrust onto it when you least expect it!

Some of you are already walking the healing warrior path, and you know the great joys it brings.

It is never easy to walk in the shoes of the healer, but it is the most important thing you can do.

You are here to heal the world starting with yourself, so listen to the stirrings of your soul and get going with it! Book that course, go to that workshop or practise what you already know.

You are a spiritual warrior; arise!

7 Sunday AWH