Your Card of the Day Message – 30th July

Card of the Day today is Octopus

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Rainbow Fluorite reminding us of the beauty of our multi-faceted soul and the colours of the many dimensions of life.

Octopus can fit through the tiniest gap in the rocks, he can bend and reshape himself and reach where he needs to go. He can wrap himself around prey or flee leaving a cloud of impenetrable ink behind him.

His skills are many but his message today is but one.

You were not sent here to this earth, to this lifetime to be ordinary. You are so much more than you think you are and you have so many more skills, abilities and knowledge than you use, admit or perhaps even know.

You are a beautiful multi-faceted, multi-talented soul here to bring many gifts to the world, and playing small or being too modest is not on your agenda!

Octopus reminds you of your many skills, talents and abilities. You know so much about so many different things, yet most of us only use a tiny fraction of our skills and knowledge in the name of having a ‘job’

Our work place can be very limiting, but even the most dead end job can bring you the opportunity to help others, being them kindness compassion, a listening ear or perhaps some words of wisdom.

You have the potential to change somebody else’s life at every moment of every day, so please do remember that whatever you do is your sacred work.

You are not a robot or a drone, you are a kind and loving soul made from pure love and the golden light from heaven. You have power beyond your wildest dreams and you are here to make a difference using all you skills, not just the ones our society deems suitable or desirable.

Nobody ever changed the world by getting a ‘proper job’ or staying quiet.

Sing your song loud for all to hear, show the world who you truly are and stop trying to force your star-shaped peg into a suffocating, square hole.

4 Thursday AWH