Your Card of the Day Message – 31st July

Card of the Day today is Peregrine Falcon

Today’s crystals are White Howlite and Red Jasper calming our minds and bringing us laser-like focus to achieve our goals.

The Falcon swoops with deadly precision and perfect timing. He does not fear failure, and nothing will keep him down. He returns to his tree, every watchful for prey and for his next opportunity to arise.

Today’s full moon brings extra potency to his message and to any manifesting work you do today, making this a wonderful day to work towards your goals.

This bright eyed bird is here today to help reassure you that when you fail you are not really a failure.

Falcon does not always catch his prey, but he is never deterred from trying again. His hungry belly pushes him to keep going and he is never ashamed or embarrassed to miss a kill.

Today he brings you the gift of his own determination and hunger, and teaches us that each time we miss, we get closer to our target.

You will reach your goals, but only if you keep working towards them. Don’t expect to hit the bullseye first time or every time. Persistence is what separates winners from losers, not just skill.

You do not have to settle for less in your life, so please keep working towards your dreams and never give up.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to, and like Falcon, with practise and persistence you will swoop down and catch your quarry with great skill, take your bounty home and enjoy the rich rewards of a full life, well-lived.

5 Friday AWH