Your Card of the Day Message – 3rd August

Card of the Day today is Vacation

Today’s crystals are Citrine pendulum and Blue Lace Agate helping us to chase away the clouds and warm ourselves in the golden glow of heavenly light.

It’s the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and many of us are thinking about holidays right now. The kids have broken up from school, the sun is out (some of the time at least!) and it’s easy to dream of lying on the beach when we are supposed to be working.

Today is a wistful day when we are dreaming of resting and soaking up the healing rays of warming sunlight and wishing we could be bathed in the warm heavenly light more often.

Your Angels are here with a message today that you can always be on holiday in your heart no matter where you are.

You can choose to inhabit that warm stretch of sand and in your mind go to your favourite spot. You can visualise soaking up the sun, relaxing all your muscles on a cushioned sun bed and heaing the ocean waves gently lapping the sand at your feet.

This calm place does not have to only exist outside of you. There is a deep inner calm within your soul that you can tap into at any time, just by taking a moment, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.

Remember that you don’t have to go anywhere to feel rested or travel to tropical destinations to be refreshed. Your soul carries everything you could ever need.

So if you’re feeling tried, stressed or run down, lie down on your bed and take a short holiday with your Angels. Ask them to surround you and see yourself in your favourite holiday spot with your beloved guardian angels at your side. They will take you to magical places of healing and calm without even needing a passport!

1 Monday AWH