Your Card of the Day Message – 3rd September

Card of the Day today is Wait

Your crystals today are Rainbow Fluorite and Labradorite helping us see the hidden side of what is happening and reminding us that all dreams take time.

It’s a day full of delays today! Look how late card of the day is for starters!

Plans are being delayed today and there’s a general feeling of frustration as our energy feel sticky and heavy right now. You may even feel like you’re walking through glue or experience physical symptoms of fatigue and brain fog.

The Universe is simply telling you to wait before acting. This is not a day to be a dynamic achiever or push forwards with any business or work plans because everything will seem extra hard.

Delays and SLOW energy are the order of the day so there is no point in fighting it. You can’t win against the universe.

Take today to really think about what it is you want – what are your goals? Do they align with your desires and dreams or are they just what you THINK you SHOULD be doing?

If it’s the latter then you may want to reconsider where you’re going.

Take some time out today to rest and to reconsider your options. The relationship that seemed oh-so-attractive yesterday may turn out to be completely wrong. The project you were determined to work on may not actually be any fun at all, and the job you thought you really wanted could just be a wrong turn.

We all make mistakes in life, indeed we have to because that is how we learn however, I need to add a caveat to that statement: You don’t have to make all the mistakes every time.

Sometimes you can use foresight and wisdom to avoid some of the worst mistakes and today is a day when you are being given a real opportunity to do that.

Stop, think, reconsider and sleep on it. Tomorrow brings a new dawn, and you can make your decision in the cold light of day, eyes wide open.

4 Thursday AWH