Your Card of the Day Message – 4th September

Card of the Day today is Make a Wish

Today’s crystals are Aventurine and Angel Hair Quartz giving us the courage to ask the Angels for what we truly desire.

There is a magical potency in the air today. It’s time to make a wish. A real one! And know that it can come true.

You really can have what you desire as long as you are clear of mind, and strong of heart. What you yearn for really can be yours if you ask for it today.

Take a moment to visualise what you want to ask for and know that in asking the Angels for their help, you will always receive it.

You are worthy and capable of receiving great abundance, unending joy and unconditional love and that is what is offered to you today. Will you take it?

Your wish may be as small or big as you want it to be. Size is of no importance to Heaven, only the strength of you desire and belief.

There is one thing to remember however, and that is that we cannot control or manipulate other people. We can’t change their path or destiny, any more than we can force them to be happy or to love us. That is always up to them. Remember that when you make a wish it should either be something for yourself, or just prayers and kindness for others. You cannot make choices for them, and trying to force something to happen for somebody else is always a no-go.

So sit and think about your fondest desires and deepest yearnings today, and make a wish that they will come true.

The Angels will leave you a calling card that you have been heard, so you may well find a small white feather waiting for you after you’ve made your wish.

Magic is all around us, all the time, just waiting for us to make our wishes known.

Make your wish or wishes today with bravery and love in your heart, and you cannot fail to manifest wonderful gifts in the coming weeks and months!

5 Friday AWH