Your Card of the Day Message – 5th August

Card of the Day today is Make Music

Your crystals today are Sugilite and Lepidolite opening our crown chakra to the inspiration and healing rays of the angelic realms.

Isn’t it funny how Angels are often depicted holding musical instruments or forming a ‘holy choir’ and singing?

There is more to that than most people think.

Musical, artistic inspiration and gifts come direct from the Angelic realms, and it’s something they’d like to talk to you about today.

All forms of artistic expression are heaven sent, and when we unleash our creative side it brings us closer to heaven. When we create a drawing, painting or piece of music, it can make you feel as if you are already in heaven, or perhaps that you have one foot in the heavenly realm!

Music can be incredibly healing and you are called upon today to use your artistic, musical and creative talents for the good of mankind. Your voice, or your instrument can be gentle and healing, motivational but be careful because it can be hurtful if you’re not careful.

These things move us on levels that we cannot rationally explain, so please be careful with your gifts and use them wisely to bring healing, promote love, tolerance and peace in the world.

Angry music with negative themes can be very damaging when listened to, although it may resonate with some people who find it uplifting. We are all very different, which is why there are so many forms of artistic expression in the world today, but art that spreads hate hurts us all.

Find the one that makes your heart sing with joy, and ask your angels to help you express yourself through it. You don’t have to be the best singer, dancer, artist or musician, but in your own small way you can help to bring healing to those around you with the beauty of your art.

3 Wednesday AWH