Your Card of the Day Message – 6th August

Card of the Day today is Magic of Nature

Today’s crystals are Blue Goldstone and Amethyst helping us to breathe out all negativity and see the magic all around us once more.

Go outside and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and fill your stomach and chest with air.

Exhale deeply and feel all stress and tension draining away from your body.

Your Angels are here today to remind you that stress is not your natural state of being, although it may have come to feel that way!

Too much stress for too long can make us ill, causing debilitating conditions like adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and M.E.

Mother Nature is your natural antidote to the stresses of every day modern life, and the Angels encourage us to spend time in sunlight soaking up the healing rays, breathing in the fresh air, marvelling at the beauty of flower in bloom and gently resting under majestic trees in the woods.

Nature has so much magic and healing to bring us, and yet we have barely begun to tap into it. Our world has become obsessed with all things ‘synthetic’ to the point where we have almost lost our connection with Nature altogether, we are starved of her love and lost without her wisdom.

This is the time to rediscover the ancient healing arts that she has gifted to us. They are available for all to use.

There are healing plants, natural springs and minerals for us to discover. The sun will heal us and bring us vitamin D but we must go outside and feel the rays on our skin.

The woods will help to remove negativity and help us to feel safe and relaxed, but we must go out and meet the trees!

Wild animals and clouds can give us messages and omens, but we must go out and actually see them.

There is so much power and healing to be found in nature, we really cannot afford to allow our natural world to be destroyed or we will come tumbling after it, into the abyss, lost forever.

4 Thursday AWH