Your Card of the Day Message – 7th August

Card of the Day today is Awakening Your True Self

The crystals for today are Red Jasper and Carnelian reminding us of who we truly are and giving us the courage to speak up and be authentic.

You don’t have to say yes to everyone, and you don’t have to put up with anyone’s nonsense.

Today is a day for taking charge of your life and making sure that it’s YOU calling the shots!

Nobody gets to push you around, tell you what you should be doing or who you should be anymore. This is your wake-up call from the universe.

The light workers, earth angels, healers and givers are increasingly tired, depleted and taken advantage of in this day and age, and it has to stop.

If you find yourself leaning too much on other people or taking advantage of their kindness, please stop now otherwise you are stopping your own growth.

If you are somebody who helps others to the point of exhaustion, then you must stop too.

Our true spiritual selves are autonomous, independent and strong. When we take care of our own needs and live with consideration and kindness for those around us and in our community, the world comes into balance.

Your true self is asking you to find the balance in your life – giving and receiving must be in equal amounts. You are not here to be a servant or a slave-master. You and everyone around you is a sacred soul, capable of great things, and capable of great personal growth.

Nobody is ‘above’ you and nobody is ‘beneath’ you either. Step away from the old patriarchal archetypes and the dogma that has all but destroyed our world.

Remember who you truly are in this moment, behold the wonder and light of your soul and step forward to be your authentic self now and for always!

6 Saturday AWH