Your Card of the Day Message – 7th July

Card of the Day today is Animals – St Francis of Assisi

Your crystals today are Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Dragon egg helping to transmute negativity from your being and align you with the peace and purity of Heaven.

The beloved Saint Francis of Assisi is known for his peaceful ways. But he wasn’t weak.

He didn’t shy away from a challenge.

Instead of asking God to make his life easy and peaceful, he asked to be a channel of God’s peace to the world.

He embodied it.

Peace is all around us, all the time, if we choose to see it. It lives within us, and without us.

Being in a state of peace is akin to a state of bliss, nirvana.

I find myself most at peace when I’m with my cat. She is truly my own Zen Master. No matter what is going on, she will find a way to find the peace in the situation, relax, stay in the moment and just BE.

Animals can be our greatest teachers when it comes to being at peace in the present moment.

Finding peace and living it can seem like a daunting proposition, but it really doesn’t have to be. Just try to be at peace right now.

And now do it again, just for now.

And again.

The whole universe exists in the NOW, and nowhere else. You only have to live in peace NOW and not worry about how you’ll do it in the future or whether you did it well enough in the past.

The past and present don’t exist, only this moment exists.

With a little practise, you’ll find that the peace creeps naturally into your life as you allow yourself to dwell there.

As you bring peace to your soul, you bring peace to others around you and like a catalyst, your friends, co-workers and loved ones will find themselves becoming more peaceful in your presence.

You are a channel for the peace of heaven. You are peace.

2 Tuesday AWH