Your Card of the Day Message – 8th August

Card of the Day today is Feeling Safe

Today’s crystals are Rhodonite and Clear Quartz crystal reminding us that we are loved and cherished by our Angels, and cleansed by heaven’s purifying light.

Your Angels are here to hold your hand today. Things haven’t been easy and you may find yourself feeling fearful about the future, worried about money and finances or just feeling a general malaise about where the world is going.

The Angels remind you that the Universe is a friendly place, and what we believe about it will make our reality. If you believe that bad things will happen to you, then you may actually manifest them so please stay away from fearful thoughts and allow yourself to know that you are safe.

Heaven is always on your side, and you can find your way out of any situation as long as you remember that. We all have moments where we lose the faith, and that’s ok. We are only human after all.

But today’s message is a reminder that you are safe, loved, cherished and protected by heaven and our angels at all times, even if we sometimes forget.

Many changes are coming in the near future, and some of them may seem frightening or overwhelming. The media and those in charge would have us believe that there is something to fear around every street corner, and seems to be constantly trying to pit us against each other, sowing the seeds of fear into our minds at every opportunity.

This simply is not the way of the world, and the more people wake up and realise it, the sooner we will know peace.

You are safe to live, safe to love and safe to be you. Help others around you to know that it is safe for them to be themselves too, and that there is nothing to fear.

Speak up against prejudice, propaganda and negative stereotyping. Make yourself a spokesperson for peace, and call the Angels to help you in your task.

When we feel safe, there is no need to hurt anybody else. We can live, and love and heal together as one – as we were always supposed to.

7 Sunday AWH