Your Card of the Day Message – 9th August

Card of the Day today is Problem Resolved

Your crystals for today are Malachite and Red Jasper bringing healing to our hearts and helping us to move away from fear to a happier future.

‘We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them’

Albert Einstein

The problems of the world are actually pretty straightforward when you look at the bigger picture from the Angels’ viewpoint.

There IS enough food, water, shelter and resources for everybody, we just fail to share it.

War cannot be eradicated with more war any more than you can dry yourself by pouring more water over your head!

Hatred begets hatred, violence begets violence. Fear, hatred, violence and greed cause more suffering in the world than anything else.

The Angels bring us a simple solution to a better tomorrow. So many of you have been praying for solutions, for help and guidance how to heal the world and stop the devastation of war, famine and poverty.

There is one very simple answer.


It might sound glib, but it’s at the core of all happiness, contentment and peace.

I don’t mean romantic love, although that is good too, I mean that when we choose to see each other for the beautiful shining souls that we truly are, and allow ourselves to let go of the fear that we have been taught for one another, we can finally allow ourselves to feel the unconditional love and peace of Heaven, and truly take care of each other and the world.

It’s not that hard – give it a try.

Every time you find yourself judging, hating or complaining, stop for a moment and think.

Is this helping or is this making things worse? Chances are, negativity will not be making things better!

Replace your painful, fearful and angry thoughts will more positive ones. Learn to look on the bright side and see the best in people.

When we choose to see the love and the light in everyone, we will finally have a chance to solve all the world’s problems, and live lives of peace, kindness and harmony.

5 Friday AWH