Your Card of the Day Message – 9th July

 Card of the Day today is Higher Education – Guardian Angel

Your crystals today are Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Dragon egg helping to transmute negativity from your being and align you with the peace and purity of Heaven.

Your heavenly guardian angel comes to you with an important message today.

Beloved child, you never stop learning. The purpose of your life is to live it. You are loved and cherished by heaven and there is so much more for you to do and enjoy.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for the joy you bring to the earth and to Heaven and thank you for all you have learned and taught to others on your sacred life journey so far.

The message today is one of thanks and congratulations for all you have experienced, learned and all the life you have lived.

Your Angels are so proud of you, and reassure you that the best is yet to come!

They need your assistance to help return the world to a state of perfect and divine peace now.

You will receive communication from the heavenly realms moving forward so please pay attention.

Angels communicate using white feathers that they will leave in the right place at the right time.

You are asked to continue your sacred mission here on earth, and listen, look and be attentive to any messages from the Angels.

You are a beloved lightworker, and you have a special purpose in this lifetime, if you choose to accept your challenge.

This is not mission impossible, this is the mission of infinite peace.

4 Thursday AWH