Your Card of the Day Message – Monday 20th July

Card of the Day today is Honu Kahiki the Green Turtle

Today’s crystals are Malachite and Rose Quartz bringing the love of the universal mother to your heart and healing any pain you still hold.

Beautiful wise mother turtle is here with her loving embrace for you today.

Her gentle green colour brings healing to your heart, and combined with the crystals the Angels have chosen for you today, are gently healing any pain or past hurts relating to your own mother relationships. This could be to do with your own mother, the universal mother archetype or your own experience of motherhood.

Wise mother turtle is here to bring you any motherly love that you missed, and to remind you that you are loved and cherished by the eternal presence of your Holy Mother, the divine feminine aspect of God, who is always here for you.

She is known by many names; The Goddess, Gaia, Mother Mary, Demeter. It doesn’t matter what you call her, she is always here, you are always loved, and even if you are an orphan she is still your loving mother.

Honu Kahiki drags her heavy ocean-faring body out of the shimmering waters and struggles across the land to lay her eggs in the safest place she can find. She buries them with love and goes back to the sea to await them.

Her message today is that you may feel let down, abandoned or left behind. Mother turtle only leaves her babies because she knows that they are ready for the challenges ahead of them. They must find the strength to break free from their eggs, dig themselves free and race to the ocean against all odds.

She does not worry for them, because she knows they must do this on their own.

Sometimes life brings us incredibly hard challenges, and we wish that we had a mother to take care of us, shield us and protect us from harm.

It’s easy to feel abandoned when we face life’s difficulties, but Mother turtle reminds us that we are not. She is waiting for us in the blue ocean, and she sends us her love and strength to dig ourselves out of any difficulty and race back to the welcoming ocean and her loving arms.

1 Monday AWH