Your Card of the Day – Monday 4th May

Card of the Day today is Goddess Brigit – Don’t Back Down

Today’s crystals are Carnelian and Malachite giving us the strength to stand up for our convictions and listen to the wisdom and longing of our hearts.

Powerful Goddess Brigit is here with an important message today. It’s time to take a stand for those who cannot stand up for themselves. It’s time to look at the greater good and follow the path towards peace.

Allow yourself to get fired up about injustice today, stand up to bullies or oppressive regimes. Their days are numbered as the entire world is evolving to a more enlightened state. But first, there is much to do.

Listen to the loving but insistent voice inside you, the one that tells you to make a difference. Allow the flames of passion for justice and compassion to fire you up and give you the courage to speak out.

The Beltane Fires have just passed, and they have lit our souls on fire. Let us burn like beacons in the darkness, leading others to the light.

Monday AWH


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