Your Card of the Day – Saturday 18th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Mother Healing.

Today’s crystals are Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Dragon Egg bringing us a higher level of spiritual understanding and love for the relationships with the mothers in our lives.

Most of us have fond memories of childhood, of a kind a loving mother who was always there, and for many is sorely missed if she has passed on.

Not everyone was so lucky, and some of us had extremely painful experiences, which may have involved cruelty, abandonment or worse.

Nevertheless, however ‘good’ or ‘bad’ your mother is or was, know that she was the perfect mother for you in this lifetime.

It’s said that we choose our parents before we are born onto the earth. They may not be the nicest of people, but your mother was a precious gift from heaven, chosen to give you the exact experiences your wise soul knew it needed to make you the incredible person that you have become.

So whatever the relationship with your mother, and whether she has passed or is still with us, know that it was all meant to be.

Give humble thanks for the experiences she gave you, and feel the gratitude in your heart as you assimilate the lessons you have learned from her.

Saturday AWH

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