Your Card of the Day – Saturday 2nd May

Card of the Day today is Rise Above Problems

Today’s crystals are Sugilite and Blue Lace Agate gently helping us to feel more connected and at home within ourselves.

Many of us feel like misfits, like we don’t belong. Others are having trouble with difficult people at the moment and need reassurance that everything is alright.

Today’s card brings a message of hope and resolution. Whatever your problems, and no matter how big they seem to be, the Angels are working behind the scenes to assist you.

You have nothing to fear because you are an infinite spiritual being, and when we remember that, we also remember that we are bigger than any problem we encounter.

You are incredibly powerful and capable, and the Angels reassure you that you can cope with whatever life throws at you.

If ever you feel worried or lost, just call the Angels and they will flock to your side to hold you up and lift your spirits until you can find the inner strength to outgrow whatever situation is bugging you.

You are bigger than your problems, and all is well.

No matter what happens, just remember; this too shall pass.

Saturday AWH


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