Your Card of the Day – Sunday 19th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Self-Forgiveness.

Today’s crystals are Ametrine and Sugilite, bringing harmony to our thoughts and healing to our hearts, helping us to accept ourselves unconditionally.

Forgiveness is always difficult, and I think that self-forgiveness can be the hardest of all.

It’s easy to listen to the voices in our head, beating us up and telling us how awful we are, how useless and worthless, but let me tell you this. Those voices lie!

You are a pure and perfect child of Heaven, and no matter what you’ve done or how much you may hate yourself, you are still loved and cherished by the entire universe. Without you, there would be something missing in all our hearts.

The Angels shed golden tears for our pain when we fail to forgive ourselves, and instead live a half-life of regret and self rejection.

There is no mistake you have made that heaven cannot forgive you for, so please love and accept yourself just as you are, and know that you are perfect, pure and worthy of forgiveness.

Sunday AWH


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