Your Card of the Day – Sunday 3rd May

Card of the Day today is Honouring Your True Feelings

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Blue Agate helping us to speak up without fear and ask for what we need without censor.

Many of the gentle souls I meet have trouble speaking up for themselves. This card is here today to help the kind and compassionate souls reading this message to remember that you are worthy of love and affection, and that you don’t have to scrape by, earning and possessing little.

That means you – all of you.

It’s ok to want to live in abundance and joy – this is not selfish or naughty in any way. You are beautiful and deserving and it’s ok to ask for help, money or whatever you want or need.

You may have been taught that it’s rude to speak up or ask for things for yourself. The Angels reassure you today that this was wrong, the person or people who taught you this were mistaken. It is never wrong to ask for what you want and need to fulfil your joy.

Where is your joy calling you to today? Is it a new home, a new relationship, a new wardrobe or even something as simple as a good meal. Whatever you desire, please speak up and ask and the universe will respond to your request with love.

Many gifts await you in the ether, if you just ask. So remember to speak up!

Sunday AWH


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