Your Card of the Day – Thursday 30th April

Card of the Day today is Follow Your Dreams

Today’s crystals are Labradorite and Amethyst linking us with our inspiration and spiritual wisdom so we can make dreams reality and bring heaven to earth.

Is your life exactly as you want it? Chances are it isn’t 100% what you imagined it would be. Are things much harder, more expensive and challenging than you expected when you were young?

The Angels are here today with love and reassurance for all of us that things are getting better. The world is evolving, and with it our powers of manifestation. The universe is infinitely abundant, and there is more than enough of everything to go around, if only we choose to believe it.

Don’t hold back from your dreams out of fear. Allow yourself to be guided by your heart and soul, and follow the dreams that your heart yearns for so sweetly.

The world needs more dreamers, more lovers and more visionaries at this time.We’ve had enough violence, oppression and hatred. It is time for a new era of joy and brotherhood, and your dreams can help to make that manifest.

Always aim for your highest good and the highest good of all and you can never truly go wrong.

Ask your Guardian Angel to help you to follow your dreams today. If you’re not sure what your dreams are, then ask your Angel to show you, and look forward to inspiration striking you!

All new things begin as just dreams

Thursday AWH


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