Your Card of the Day – Tuesday 14th April 2015

Card of the Day today is Play Time!

Today’s Crystals are Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate bringing gentle and harmonious energies to relax your soul, and bring joy to your heart.

It’s time to take a load off! This may seem easier said than done, but Play Time or time off is absolutely crucial if you are to thrive and achieve.

Play allows your mind to wander and unleashes your creativity. You can get back to work later, when you feel refreshed and invigorated by your happy abandonment of responsibility for a short time.

Really enjoy yourself, do something silly, play with your children or sneak into the park and go down the slide when nobody’s looking!

Get a colouring book and grab your pencils, enjoy some puzzles or just go and have fun outdoors with your pet dog.

Play Time is something we forget to make time for as adults, but it’s crucial to our well-being and joy.

Make sure you schedule in some play time today and have some FUN!

Tuesday AWH

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