Your Card of the Day – Tuesday 21st April 2015

Card of the Day today is Goddess Nemetona – Sacred Space

Today’s crystals are Rhodonite and Blue Goldstone. These two mystical crystals come together to bring balance in our lives between the mental, physical and spiritual.

Nemetona reminds us that our spiritual life is just as important as the other parts of our life – if not more so. Even though we may forget it, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and every so often we need to reconnect with our source.

Take some time today to honour your beliefs or spirituality, whether it’s getting back to a practise you had forgotten or not made time for, making an altar or sacred area in your home or simply sitting and contemplating, meditating and communing with nature in the outdoors.

All is sacred and there are lessons to be learned from everyone that we meet, so remember to look for the sacred in everyday encounters and experiences.

As we learn to see things from a higher perspective, through the eyes of the Angels, we will find that humanity becomes kinder, more compassionate and more loving to each other.

Take some time to spend in your sacred space today.

Tuesday AWH


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