Your Week Ahead…

The past few months have been quite turbulent for many of us, I know for myself that I’ve been dealing with a lot of past hurts and difficult emotions that seem to have surfaced out of nowhere!

But, there is good news! This coming week, we will be getting some respite – AT LAST.

My spirit guide Anubis has told me that the week ahead is called the ‘Week of Peace’, and with good reason.

A smoother road ahead will be shown to us, even if we can’t quite reach it just yet, and we will get a taste of the heavenly peace, rest and contentment to come.

So please do hang in there if times have been tough for you recently. What we’ve been going through has all had a purpose, and that was to get us ready for the next stage in our lives and our evolution on earth.

It’s been necessary to remember, unearth and revisit past pain and difficulty in order to heal ourselves once and for all.

You’ll also notice this week that my Dragon Egg Quartz and large Rose Quartz crystals will be featuring every day in Card of the Day. Their energy is crucial to help us all for the next 7 days.

Intuitive little Evey, my healer cat, really loves these two crystals and likes to sleep next to them! I’ve had them for some time now and the healing and clearing energy they carry is incredible.

Evey with cards & crystals

These two stones are veritable powerhouses of healing energy, and as you gaze at this picture of them with Evey and the Saints and Angels oracle deck, they will help you to transmute any negative energies, bad old habits or stuck feelings that you need to let go of. Feel the waves of healing wash over you. This is our gift to you.

So take a moment this Sunday so soak up the energy of these wonderful stones, and know that you are blessed in this very moment.

Peace is your birthright, your true nature, and it exists within you at all times.

You are peace, and you are here to help bring peace to the world.

Peace be with us all.


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